In Situ Refurbishment.

Metal windows can suffer from various problems including surface rust, distortion, excessive build-up of paint and/or debris, and failed hinges and fittings. Whilst they may look like they’re beyond repair, in most instances this is not actually the case.

With this in mind we have shaped out restoration systems around current Historic England and SBAB guidance, whilst also introducing the latest technology, and cutting edge equipment to develop out specialist methods to deliver the highest quality refurbishments, increasing Steel Frame lifespan while still retaining historical features and architectural interest.

In-Situ fabrication services.

The in-situ refurbishment is the onsite process of refurbishing the windows, and we are one of the only companies in the UK able to carry out this process. We are proud to be able to say Heritage England have also inspected and approved our methods.

With our unique skills and knowledge we have formulated a new revolutionary system for restoring historic metal windows in-situ. This includes dust free sand blasting to eliminate all visible corrosion, nylon abrasion to remove excess paint coats and smooth frames, fenestration and frame detailing and brass fittings restoration. We then hand apply C5 environment marine grade resin coats of primer and undercoat and a polyurethane topcoat to finish. English Heritage have inspected and approved our in-situ system.

Ex Situ Refurbishment.

An ex-situ refurbishment is carried out at our workshop and involves removing the existing windows, de-glazing them and boarding up the openings.


When corrosion has been allowed to gather pace making an in-situ restoration not possible we need to remove the windows back to our factory and board up the openings for security. At our factory we remove fittings and glass and shot blast the frames to remove all corrosion and then then make any welding repairs necessary. The frames are then sprayed with hot zinc at 400 degrees, and then either powder coated to 160 microns or hand painted, depending on the finish required. English Heritage have inspected and approved our ex-situ system.

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