In Situ Refurbishment

In Situ Refurbishment

In Situ Refurbishment.

The in-situ refurbishment is the onsite process of refurbishing the windows, and we are one of the only companies in the UK able to carry out this process. We are proud to be able to say Heritage England have also inspected and approved our methods.

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The process is the removal of excess paint from frames and casements to leave all visible surfaces smooth, by means of nylon abrasion. We then strip frames where surface corrosion and indented pitting are present by means of helix tangential dust free garnet blasting, which ensures all corrosion is removed. This is a specialist conservation abrasive system, similar to sandblasting, but which uses garnets which are 100 times smaller than a grain of sand to remove indented pitting, and which are delivered through a helix rotary orbiting motion to remove all corrosion in a dust free environment but is more respectful to the restoration of the steel work than shot blasting, as our onsite system reduces the loss of the substrate that is being treated. These sections will be taken back to bare metal and if delaminated areas are beyond salvage, sections will be cut out and new ones seamlessly welded in on site. We de-glaze broken panes and replace.

Heavily corroded areas may require de-glazing to access and remove and treat corroded areas from transom and mullion bars/frames/rails/junctions. We ease the pivot/butt/projecting hinges and handles/stays/pull ring catches returning them to a functional condition and lubricate internal working parts with compressed white lithium grease to protect them from future issues. We make good window putties such that the finish is smooth, straight and uniform by replacing failed, dried out putty and then apply a smooth resin topcoat over all of the putty areas where required. We apply a  2 component low temperature Aluminum pigmented epoxy Primer to bare metal, 2 component low temperature epoxy undercoat and a Polyurethane 2 component Topcoat to any RAL colour.

Our In-Situ coating allows for the highest-grade protection. C5 Environment.

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